condition [kən dish′ən]
[ME & OFr condicion < L condicio, agreement, situation < condicere, to speak with, agree < com-, together + dicere, to speak: see DICTION]
1. anything called for as a requirement before the performance or completion of something else; provision; stipulation [to impose conditions by contract]
2. anything essential to the existence or occurrence of something else; prerequisite [hard work is a condition of success]
3. anything that modifies or restricts the nature, existence, or occurrence of something else; external circumstance or factor [conditions were favorable for business]
4. manner or state of being
a) state of health [what's the patient's condition?]
b) an illness; ailment [a lung condition]
6. a proper or healthy state [athletes train to be in condition]
7. social position; rank; station
8. Obs.
a) disposition of mind; character
b) characteristic; trait
9. Educ.
a) the requirement that a student make up deficiencies in a certain subject in order to pass it
b) the grade stating this requirement
10. Gram. a clause expressing a condition, as one beginning with if
11. Law a clause in a contract, will, etc. that revokes, suspends, or modifies one or more of its stipulations upon the happening of an uncertain future event
12. Logic a proposition on which the truth of another proposition depends
Archaic to make conditions; bargain ( with)
1. to set as a condition or requirement; stipulate
2. to impose a condition or conditions on
3. to be a condition of; determine
4. to affect, modify, or influence
5. to bring into a proper or desired condition
6. Educ. to give a grade of CONDITION (n. 9b) to
a) Psychol. to develop a conditioned reflex or behavior pattern in (a person or animal)
b) to cause to become accustomed (to something)
on condition that
provided that; if

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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